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original graphite portrait of your pet

by Anna McNicholl

I enjoy drawing pets for their loving pet parents and families.   

You can also contact me about white or black charcoal portraits.  I can also do oil pastel and colored pencil pictures - please email me.

IMG_6869port 4.jpg
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Artist Bio

Anna McNicholl

My name is Anna and I love drawing pictures of pets and other animals. 

It makes their fur parents so happy when they see them as a work of art!

I live in Auckland, New Zealand with Simon and our rescue silver tabby cat Portia.

Check out my work and let me know if you have any questions.

Will also take commissions for other sizes and types of art works in charcoal, oil pastel and colored pencil.   Will draw anything pretty much!

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"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do"

Edgar Degas

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Contact Me

Thank you for your interest.  Let me know if you have any questions - happy to hear from you.  Anna

Auckland, New Zealand


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Pet & Animal Portraits


Winston is a minature schauser - much loved friend of Grace.

IMG_6869port 4.jpg
IMG_6866port 2.jpg

Jameison & Cara

Jameison & Cara, much love miniature schnauser fur kids of Brenda and Stephen.  I think they may be spoilt (in a good way).


Harry is a sweet, cuddly boy.  He likes his fur vacummed by Mum and dad Nats and Simon !

IMG_6867port 3.jpg
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One of my first cat drawings of our fur baby Portia aka Princess Portia.

IMG_6865port 1.jpg
Commission for Patti in pencil , for don

Panda for Patti

Pandas are so lovely and black and white drawings suit them so well.

Prickles & Spike

A friend from work, Dale, and I sold prints of our drawings to raise money for the SPCA.  We raised over $1,000 NZD in 2018 and hope to make it more each year.

IMG_6870port 5.jpg
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Other drawings...

Boots in charcoal

Fun but messy - black charcoal on white paper.

Boots in charcoal__Makes a change from a
White charcoal on black paper for class

Lady in white charcoal

White on black makes a nice change.  Visually interesting

Elephant for Becs

Becs loves elephants so did this black charcoal drawing for her.

Elephant in charcoal for Becs.jpg
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Capri in white charcoal for Garry

A thank you present for the boss.  First car picture.

A thank you drawing for my CEO Garry. He
Jimi Hendrix in pencil for Simon.jpg  Do

Jimi Hendrix for Simon

I don't have the photographer reference name for this, so if anyone knows please tell me.

Tui in oil pastel

One of New Zealand's native birds.  Pastel is nice to work with...kind of looks like an oil painting without waiting for the drying time and making a mess.

Tui in oil pastel.jpg
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